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“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~Gandhi

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~Gandhi

Hi, I’m Christine


I believe in magic

the synchronicities in life that guide us

and show us that we are fully supported

and flowing through life, 

aligned with our soul’s calling.


Surrendering to our heart and our soul’s calling may be the greatest life challenge that exists. Why? Because then we must meet all the parts of ourselves that have stopped us from living in our heart and sharing our gifts with the world. I wish I could say it’s an easy journey, but it requires an inordinate about of courage, strength, self-love and compassion.

If you are ready, or have already embarked on a journey to heal, awaken and live into your fully embodied self, I am here to help.  

I serve as a coach, mentor, guide and consultant for women to fully open, to feel safe, seen and heard, and to share the wisdom that pours through. I believe in evolution through love, and hold a powerful container for your transformation. Your next question might be:

“Why You??” 

I am fiercely dedicated to my own transformation, evolution and ascension. It’s my soul’s purpose, and in turn, a gift for me to share with the world. I bridge science and wisdom, and will teach you about neuroscience in the brain and the impact on the body and your actions, as well as tools and techniques to transform your brain chemistry. I weave the mystical, in whatever form is relevant for you. 

I bring more than 20 years of practical corporate and entrepreneurship experience – starting, growing and selling companies, as well as a background facilitating hundreds of people in transformation. 

Interested in learning more or have questions? Please feel free to message me at or here

Love and Blessings,




Hi, I’m Christine


I believe in magic

the synchronicities in life that guide us

and show us that we are supported,

loved and flowing through life,

aligned with our soul’s calling.


It’s not always easy – to let go of where we think we should be and surrender to the flow of the universe. Yet, in my experience as a corporate executive, entrepreneur and spiritual life coach, when we allow our life  to be guided by a force beyond ourselves, magic prevails.    

After 20 years of dedicating my career to the business side of healthcare, serving some of the top systems and executives around the world, I now work with individuals, leadership teams and companies on optimizing health, happiness and well-being. I believe that everything is happening for us, and once we learn the tools and practices to heal and transform, we can live our best life and fulfill our deepest purpose – individually and in our businesses. 

If you’re curious about working with me or with your company as a coach, please shoot me a message today

With love always,





There are few people in this world

who not only live and act from their heart center,

but guide you on how to do the same.

— ♥ —

Christine is one of those few people. She was my career coach for six months, and we connected so well that she has continued to be a mentor to me ever since (going on 2 1/2 years now). I looked forward to every session with her, because I knew that not only would I be validated in my experience (hugely powerful), and not only would my spiritual and emotional maturity grow, but I would also receive extremely tangible guidance I could apply that very same day in my life.

In just six months, Christine guided me through resolving professional barriers that were keeping me from feeling successful, grew my confidence as Head of Brand and Marketing for a global nonprofit, and gave me tools that I will use for the rest of my life. If you have the opportunity to work with Christine, do not pass it up.

Chelsea Maricle

Former Head of Brand and Marketing, World Pulse