She is smart, FUN, LOVING, highly creative and we laughed a lot.

Christine is brilliant at bringing in and seeing

possibilities where I could not see.

— ♥ —

“The benefits and results are many in my work with Christine. Before working with Christine, I felt like I was leveling out at a certain pace and I did not know how to go to the next stage. I was frustrated, my classes were not filling, and I thought I might be done. Christine is brilliant at bringing in and seeing the possibilities where I could not see. WOW!!! I had no idea I could have that big of a vision for the work that I do. She opened doors for me that I did not know could be open. She laid a foundation of confidence for me that I am continuing to walk on and open new doors to one step at a time. It felt like a breath of fresh air!

Christine was always right there. I felt like she had my back and held my hand through areas where I had reached my upper limit, which were many throughout our time as I hit some major roadblocks. Through Christine’s intuition and ability to hold loving, I was able to meet some of my biggest fears.

Christine has many, many strengths. She can take the written word and create magic. She has a way to take something that I could not speak clearly about and write it out to where I would say “How did you do that?!” She has such a gift with words and making the unsayable … SAYABLE. She also brings talent from her many years of marketing for high level corporations to the table. And even for a small biz, has a way of translating next doable steps to assist in success.”

Helen Bradley

Founder, Playful Art Studio

Christine has held deep space for me to heal &

move through resistance from taking action on my dreams

& held the door open to a new portal of conscious abundance.

— ♥ —

Christine Kurban is one of the most genuine, loving, compassionate, & fun souls I know!

She is devoted to her spiritual practice, constantly learning & growing, so that she may show-up as the best version of herself in any given moment. She is also a savvy business woman with a contagious joy for life. Not only is Christine a dear soul sister of mine, but also a trusted mentor for creating a life balanced with deep reverence for Spirit AND financial abundance.

Christine has an incredible gift of flowing with ease in the feminine and taking loving action in the masculine, embodying the perfect union that creates the abundant life (spiritually, emotionally, mentally, & physically) she leads; and inspires & guides others to live, including myself.

Christine has held deep space for me to heal & move through resistance from taking action on my dreams & held the door open to a new portal of conscious abundance. I always feel completely seen, heard, and loved unconditionally when working with Christine. Her incredibly bright light is what magnetizes her wealth of abundance (in all forms) and I couldn’t recommend a better business and life coach to hold you in uncovering more of your own luminescence.

Working with Christine is not just a game-changer, it is a heart & soul life ascension.

Janet-Lee Ropas

Women's Empowerment Coach

There are few people in this world

who not only live and act from their heart center,

but guide you on how to do the same.

— ♥ —

Christine is one of those few people. She was my career coach for six months, and we connected so well that she has continued to be a mentor to me ever since (going on 2 1/2 years now). I looked forward to every session with her, because I knew that not only would I be validated in my experience (hugely powerful), and not only would my spiritual and emotional maturity grow, but I would also receive extremely tangible guidance I could apply that very same day in my life.

In just six months, Christine guided me through resolving professional barriers that were keeping me from feeling successful, grew my confidence as Head of Brand and Marketing for a global nonprofit, and gave me tools that I will use for the rest of my life. If you have the opportunity to work with Christine, do not pass it up.

Chelsea Maricle

Former Head of Brand and Marketing, World Pulse

Christine has a light in her that shines and touches a lot of people.

She was the first one to break through our executive team and is adept in being

able to relate to people with problems and how to conquer things.

— ♥ —

“Until Christine came around, our organization didn’t have any unity or direction for who we were and where we were going.

She was the first one to break through our executive team who was very difficult, and get us to listen, shifting us from individual to group think, and continuing that on. She was pivotal in helping facilitate the synthesis of bringing us all together.

She is a very good and engaging communicator with a certain charisma. She has a light in her that shines and touches a nerve in a lot of people. You can tell a lot by looking at people, but you can’t fake happiness or spirituality. She has a special gift from God, and is adept in being able to relate to people with problems and how to conquer things.”

Dr. Wayne Goldstein

Founder and President, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute

Christine Kurban is a uniquely creative and focused business woman

who is at the top. She has organized us in a way that

no one else has been able to do.

— ♥ —

She epitomizes the true professional; she is focused, smart, organized, and has superlative artistic insights. It is a wonderful to work with someone who is so dedicated to her clients and committed to the highest quality work product.

The bonus is her personality; she blends professionalism with humor and is a joy to work with. Christine’s talent becomes quickly obvious to her clients because of her work ethic and commitment to excellence.  I have worked with many different professional consultants over the past 25 years and I know a superstar when I see one. Christine Kurban is a superstar.

Dr. Leon Benson

Orthopaedic Surgeon and Board-of-Directors member, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute

She brought not only the expertise we needed,

but an optimistic and confident spirit as well.

— ♥ —

Christine began supporting our firm at a very critical time. We were in the process of launching a new product and we sought a partner who had the leadership, marketing and industry experience needed to handle such an undertaking. As our business momentum hit full speed Christine was able to jump onboard and help steer our leadership, brand and messaging in the right direction.

Christine harnessed all of the energy and emotion that comes with the launch of a product and helped clearly define our way. Christine was also instrumental in introducing us to key individuals and resources in the field that we may not have met otherwise. 

She brought not only the expertise we needed, but an optimistic and confident spirit as well. Christine is a trusted partner and I am confident that her vision and guidance played a crucial role in our success.”

Scott Jaccard

Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Intelligence

She was invested in our success from the beginning,

and brought a high degree of integrity, focus

and commitment to our partnership.

— ♥ —

“Christine came into our organization to help guide us through our business growth strategy and brand in a highly competitive market.

We were impressed with her sense of “WE” vs. “I”, her intuitive insights, relationships, and partnerships across the industry, as she facilitated the rebranding of our company.

 We were also consistently impressed with Christine’s great ideas and thoroughness in managing us through this process, one step at a time. We felt like Christine was a real partner in our rebrand and growth as a company and she cultivated a sense of trust and ease from the very beginning. We are grateful for her contributions to our team and our company.”

Brian Nugent

CEO, Soriant Healthcare